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08.Arrma 1/8 KRATON 6S BLX 4WD Speed Monster Truck RTR
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10.E-flite HAVOC Xe 80mm EDF Sport Jet BNF Basic
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RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition, Software Only

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Arrma Parts List
[Arrma Parts List]

Price Available Soon

ARA709057 Shim 5.4x9.5x0.2mm (8)
Code: ARA709057
dBoots InchCopperhead2 MT Inch Tire Set
Code: ARA550059
Shock Set Front (2): BIG ROCK CREW CAB 4
Code: ARA330550 
Shock Set Rear (2): BIG ROCK CREW CAB 4X
Code: ARA330551 
AR340132 Steering Parts Set 4x4
Code: ARAC3020 
AR340137 Steering Post (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC3021 
AR330483 Composite Ball Set 6S
Code: ARAC3029 
AR340075 Ball 3x6.8x6.3mm (2)
Code: ARAC3036 
AR310450 Ball 3x7.8x8mm (4)
Code: ARAC3039 
AR330202 Ball 3x7.8x10.5mm (4)
Code: ARAC3042 

AR340074 Ball 3x8x12.5mm (2)
Code: ARAC3045 
AR330230 Ball Cups Composite
Code: ARAC3070 
AR320376 Front Dirt Guards Outcast
Code: ARAC3107 
AR610014 Ball Bearing 5x8x2.5mm 4x4 (2)
Code: ARAC3140 
AR610031 Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm 4x4 (2)
Code: ARAC3144 
AR610019 Bearing 5x11x4mm (2)
Code: ARAC3150 
AR610016 Bearing 8x16x5mm (2)
Code: ARAC3156 
AR610017 Bearing 8x19x6mm (2)
Code: ARAC3159 

AR610018 Bearing 15x21x4mm (2)
Code: ARAC3162 
AR610007 Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm (2) Nero
Code: ARAC3173 
AR610001 Bearing 10x15x4mm (2)
Code: ARAC3202 
AR402208 Body Painted/Decal Orange GRANI
Code: ARAC3332 
AR320365 Body Post Mounts Outcast
Code: ARAC3430 
AR390165 Body Clip Retainer 1/10 Scale B
Code: ARAC3445 
AR390178 Body Clip Retainer 1/8 Scale Bl
Code: ARAC3447 
AR320278 Body Clip Large Black (10)
Code: ARAC3448 
AR320005 Body Clip 6mm Black (10)
Code: ARAC3450 
AR320357 Body Post Big Rock
Code: ARAC3476 

AR320432 Bumper Set Kraton 6S
Code: ARAC3491 
AR320458 Body Mount Set Front TYPHON 4x4
Code: ARAC3496 
AR320454 Bumper Set KRATON/TYPHON 4x4 BL
Code: ARAC3498 
AR320411 Chassis Spine Block/Multi-Tool
Code: ARAC3722 
AR320446 Chassis Brace Set
Code: ARAC3732 
AR320189 Chassis Side Guards (2)
Code: ARAC3742 
AR340138 Flanged Tube 4x4 (2)
Code: ARAC3906 
AR310884 Comp Center Slider Driveshaft 4
Code: ARAC3955 
AR310590 CVD Axle 8x44.5mm Kraton (2)
Code: ARAC3981 
AR310458 CVD Driveshaft 142mm Kraton (2)
Code: ARAC3982 
AR220033 CVD Driveshaft Set 183mm Kraton
Code: ARAC3985 
AR310452 CVD Rebuild Set (2)
Code: ARAC3990 
AR310775 Differential Outdrives Metal 4x
Code: ARAC3999 
AR220041 Diff Set Front/Rear 43T Spiral
Code: ARAC4004 
AR310433 Diff Case Set
Code: ARAC4006 
AR310444 Diff Gasket (3)
Code: ARAC4007 
AR310497 Diff Gear Main 43T Spiral Krato
Code: ARAC4008 
AR310436 Diff Gear Set
Code: ARAC4010 
AQR310439 Diff Outdrive Steel (2)
Code: ARAC4011 
AR220029 Diff Set Center 50T
Code: ARAC4013 
AR310872 Diff Case Set 37T Main Gear 4x4
Code: ARAC4022 
AR310878 Center Driveshaft High Speed Su
Code: ARAC4024 
AR310865 Diff Planet Gear (4)
Code: ARAC4027 
AR310456 Dogbone 91mm Typhon (2)
Code: ARAC4031 
AR310460 Dogbone 135mm Kraton
Code: ARAC4033 
AR310459 Dogbone 139mm Kraton (2)
Code: ARAC4034 
AR310780 Composite Front Slider Drivesha
Code: ARAC4041 
AR310864 Composite Rear Slider Driveshaf
Code: ARAC4043 

AR310555 Steel Diff Outdrive Universal J
Code: ARAC4054 
AR310783 Composite Diff Yoke Set 4x4
Code: ARAC4059 
AR310875 Differential Gasket 4x4 BLX 775
Code: ARAC4251 
AR320399 F/R Composite Upper Gearbox Cvr
Code: ARAC4400 
AR310854 Gearbox Case Set HD 6S
Code: ARAC5006 
AR330456 Hinge Pin 4x40mm 4x4 (2)
Code: ARAC5026 
AR330457 Hinge Pin 4x63mm 4x4 (2)
Code: ARAC5027 
AR330468 Hinge Pin 3x31mm 4x4 (2)
Code: ARAC5028 
AR330380 Hinge Pin Front Upper 4x46mm (2
Code: ARAC5030 
AR330381 Hinge Pin Lower 4x67.5mm (2)
Code: ARAC5032 
AR330194 Hinge Pin Outer 4x45mm (2)
Code: ARAC5034 
AR330404 Hub Rear Kraton (2)
Code: ARAC5042 
AR330442 C-Hubs (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC5047 
AR330467 Rear Hub (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC5048 
AR310498 Input Gear Main 10T Spiral Krat
Code: ARAC5060 
AR310432 Input Shaft Cup 7x18mm
Code: ARAC5062 
AR310873 HD Input Gear 13T 4x4 775 BLX
Code: ARAC5063 
AR320420 Wheelie Bar Wheels 4x4
Code: ARAC6488 
AR320451 Wheelie Bar Spring 4x4 MEGA BLX
Code: ARAC6489 
AR310874 Aluminum Fixed Motor Mount 4x4
Code: ARAC7003 
AR320463 MT Side Guard Set
Code: ARAC7303 
AR716025 O-Ring 12Xmm 4x4 BLX 3S
Code: ARAC7404 
AR716026 O-Ring 7.8X2.2mm (4)
Code: ARAC7406 
AR716020 O-Ring 11x1mm Nero (4)
Code: ARAC7414 
AR716010 O-Ring 19x1mm (4)
Code: ARAC7415 
AR330245 O-Ring P-3 3.5x1.9mm Red (4)
Code: ARAC7451 
AR716011 O-Ring P-5 4.5x1.5mm Red (4)
Code: ARAC7452 
AR310473 Steel Pinion Gear 12T Mod1 5mm
Code: ARAC7600 
AR310424 Pinion Gear 15T 0.8mod 4x4
Code: ARAC7875 
AR310876 Pinion Gear 20T 0.8 Mod 4x4 BLX
Code: ARAC7878 
AR713028 Pin 2.5x12mm (10)
Code: ARAC8003 
AR713009 Pin 2.5x16.8mm (4)
Code: ARAC8005 
AR713011 Pin 4x73mm (2)
Code: ARAC8006 
AR713024 Pin 2x10mm (4)
Code: ARAC8007 
AR310440 Pin 2.25x9.8mm (6)
Code: ARAC8008 
AR713014 Pin 3x17mm Nero (4)
Code: ARAC8011 
AR330515 Composite Pivot Ball Set 4x4
Code: ARAC8066 
AR330197 Pivot Ball 6x14x35mm (2)
Code: ARAC8070
AR310790 Slipper Pad (3) 4x4
Code: ARAC8301 
AR320423 Radio Box Seal 6S
Code: ARAC8602 
AR390231 Battery Strap Large Outcast
Code: ARAC8605 
AR330470 Rod End Set 4x4
Code: ARAC8807 
AR340151 Servo Saver Set 25T
Code: ARAC8883 
AR340122 Servo Saver Spring 12x20mm Hard
Code: ARAC8903 
AR340061 Servo Horn Aluminum Black
Code: ARAC8904 
AR340065 Servo Saver Hub Aluminum
Code: ARAC8905 
AR330231 Shock Mount Pin 3x21.5mm Black
Code: ARAC8908 
AR330507 Shk Sprng 85mm 1.09n/mm (6.2lb/
Code: ARAC8928 
AR330508 Shk Sprng 95mm 0.87n/mm (5.0lb/
Code: ARAC8929 
AR330449 Shock Body/Spring Spacer Set 2
Code: ARAC8938 
AR330450 Shock Cap (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC8939 
AR330451 Composite Shock Parts/O-Ring Se
Code: ARAC8940 
AR330517 Shock Body/Spring Spacer Set 2
Code: ARAC8945 
AR330199 Shock Boot 36.5mm Black (2)
Code: ARAC8960 
AR330514 Shock Collar Aluminum Black 6S
Code: ARAC8964 
AR330492 Shock Cap Protector 6S (2)
Code: ARAC8965 
AR330482 Shock Standoff 6S (4)
Code: ARAC8966 
AR330513 Shock Cap Lower Aluminum Black
Code: ARAC8967 
AR330491 Shock Cap Aluminum Black 6S (2)
Code: ARAC8968 
AR330338 Shock Rod End Set Nero (2)
Code: ARAC8971 
AR330339 Shock Piston Set Nero (2)
Code: ARAC8972 
AR330490 Shock Shaft 4x62.5mm 6S (2)
Code: ARAC8984 
AR330481 Shock Shaft 4x73.5mm 6S (2)
Code: ARAC8987 
AR330536 Shock Shaft Eyelet and Spring P
Code: ARAC8988 
AR330537 Shock Shaft Eyelet and Spring P
Code: ARAC8989 
AR330208 Shock Bladder (4)
Code: ARAC8992 
AR330243 Shock Boot 45mm Rubber Black (2
Code: ARAC8999 
AR330219 Susp Arms L Front Lower (1 Pair
Code: ARAC9024
AR330218 Suspension Arms L Front Upper (
Code: ARAC9025
AR330249 Suspension Arms L Rear Lower Kr
Code: ARAC9026 
AR330220 Shock Tower Front L Aluminum Bl
Code: ARAC9027 
AR330222 Shock Tower Rear L Aluminum Bla
Code: ARAC9028 
AR330378 Suspension Mount FF Aluminum Re
Code: ARAC9046 
AR330186 Suspension Mount RF Aluminum Re
Code: ARAC9048 
AR330229 Suspension Mount RR Aluminum Re
Code: ARAC9050 
AR330379 Suspension Mount Set Composite
Code: ARAC9052 
AR330443 Suspension Arm Front (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC9065 
AR330516 Suspension Arm Rear (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC9066 
AR330444 Aluminum FF Suspension Mount Re
Code: ARAC9067 
AR330478 Shock Body 16x54mm Aluminum Red
Code: ARAC9072 
AR330200 Sway Bar Front 2.4mm
Code: ARAC9074 
AR330445 Aluminum RR Suspension Mount Re
Code: ARAC9075 
AR330201 Sway Bar Rear 2.7mm
Code: ARAC9080 
AR330538 Front Shock Spring (2)
Code: ARAC9098 
AR330539 Rear Shock Spring (2)
Code: ARAC9099 
AR310881 Slipper Shaft Red 4x4 775 BLX 3
Code: ARAC9102 
AR310882 Slipper Clutch Maintenance Set
Code: ARAC9103 
AR320401 F/R Lower Skidplate (2) 4x4 Gra
Code: ARAC9260 
AR310879 HD 57T Spur Gear 0.8 Mod 4x4 77
Code: ARAC9265 
AR310429 Spur Gear 50T
Code: ARAC9310 
AR330469 Steering Block (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC9359 
AR340073 Steering Bellcrank Composite Se
Code: ARAC9360 
AR340067 Steering Bushing 6x10x3mm (4)
Code: ARAC9362 
AR340072 Steering Plate A Aluminum Red (
Code: ARAC9363 
AR340066 Steering Post 3x45mm Steel Blac
Code: ARAC9364 
AR340060 Steering Rack Aluminum Red
Code: ARAC9365 
AR330505 Composite Steering Block Front
Code: ARAC9366
AR340062 Steering Step Screw 3x14mm (2)
Code: ARAC9367 
AR330535 Steel Turnbuckle M4X34mm Black
Code: ARAC9378 
AR320195 Top Plate Aluminum Silver/Blue
Code: ARAC9387 
AR340071 Turnbuckle 4x95mm Steel Black K
Code: ARAC9389 
AR330221 Turnbuckle 5x89mm Steel Black K
Code: ARAC9393 
AR390101 Hook & Loop Battery Strap (2)
Code: ARAC9409 
AR310484 Wheel Hex Alumn 17mm/16.5mm Red
Code: ARAC9416 
AR390195 XT90 to T-Plug Charging Adapter
Code: ARAC9424 
AR310784 Wheel Axle (2) 4x4
Code: ARAC9443 
AR310871 Wheel Hex Metal 14mm BLX 3S (2)
Code: ARAC9472 
AR320455 Wing Mount Rear 4x4 TYPHON/KRAT
Code: ARAC9602 
AR320347 Heavy Duty Wing Mount Set Rear
Code: ARAC9681 
AR310449 Wheel Nut Aluminum 17mm Black (
Code: ARAC9763 
AR330196 Nut Front Hub Aluminum Red (4)
Code: ARAC9920
AR709050 Washer 6.1x14x1.5mm 6S (2)
Code: ARAC9940
AR390214 BLX3660 3200kV Brshls 10th 4-Po
Code: ARAG1023 
AR390234 BLX185 Cooling Fan 35mm
Code: ARAM0156 
AR390069 BLX100 Brushless 10th 3S ESC 4x
Code: ARAM0160 
AR390141 ADS Grommets (4)
Code: ARAM1009 
AR390136 ADS-7M V2 6.5kg Waterproof Serv
Code: ARAM1019 
AR390139 ADS-15M V2 15kg Waterproof Serv
Code: ARAM1025 
AR390149 ADS-15M V2 Metal Gear Set
Code: ARAM1052 
AR390211 BLX185 6S ESC
Code: ARAM2000

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 10. September 2019.
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