Seagull Models P-47 Thunderbolt 61-911600mm Master Scale Kit Edt


Master Scale kit Edition P-47 Thunderbolt 1600mm MSK01207

Master Scale kit Edition P-47 Thunderbolt 63" 

Wingspan--------------- 63.0 in (160.0 cm).
Wing area--------------- 728.5 sq.ins (47.0
Weight------------------- 9.3-9.9 lbs (4.2-4.5 kg).
Length------------------- 51.8 in (131.5 cm).
Engine ------------------ 0.61 - 0.91 stroke.
---------------------------- 0.91- 1.00 stroke.
---------------------------- 15cc gasoline engine .
Radio--------------------- 6 channels with 9 servos.


* Though it may not have been considered "sleek", the P-47D Thunderbolt was nonetheless a durable, dependable fighter during WWII, 
with a reputation for returning pilots home alive. Seagull Models has brought this nostalgic aircraft back to life with an authentic 1/8 sport scale version of the  P-47 Razorback. 
As with all Seagull Warbird kits will be released in market soon, careful attention to detail is evident throughout, and Seagull Master Edition kit engineering means any intermediate-level modeler 
* Computer-designed interlocking parts allow the P-47D to go together quickly and accurately. Photo-illustrated instructions and full-size, rolled plans help the assembly process go smoothly.
* High-quality hardware comes with the kit, making building and flying the P-47D even more enjoyable.
* The P-47D airfoils using state-of-the-art computational aerodynamics software. As a result, this P-47D offers 
a slow stall speed, excellent stall resistance,  and superb handling characteristics throughout its speed range.
* The specialy-designed airfoils deliver exceptionally smooth flight, instilling a higher level of confidence in pilots.
* Contains canopy, decals, accessories, wood parts and instructions are included with the Thunderbolt kit.
* 3-D computer engineering produces parts that fit with absolute precision for straight, strong assembly.
* Slotted flaps provide function as well as scale appearance to maintain scale lines.
* The wood is of high quality of balsa and balsa plywood and birch plywood from Russia and the laser-cutting is very well done. 
* The plans are well-drawn and very easy to follow,  and the instruction book
* A Warbird That Flies Like a Sport Model

  • Model:MSK01207 Master Scale kit Edition P-47 Thunderbolt 1600mm